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My gay best friend he sucked my small dick

April It was the end of senior year. We were all 18, about to graduate, about a month left of school. I was one of those guys that was kinda cool with everyone. I was a skinny Korean kid with ear length hair, combed down the middle, kinda toned, some muscle. I had a few girlfriends through high school but stuck to the books most of it.
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Sucked My Friend Mike's Cock

My gay best friend he sucked my small dick
My gay best friend he sucked my small dick
My gay best friend he sucked my small dick
My gay best friend he sucked my small dick
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My Best Friend's Cock Pt. 01 - Gay Male - odamochka.info

It all started when i was out playing with a couple of my friends playing a game of tag at night, me and one of my friends was sat hiding in a back garden and we where there for bout 20 minuets and we was just got talking about what type of porn we liked to watch, he told me he loved watching homemade porn and i love it as well we finally got bored for sat there so we decide to go watch some porn at my house in my room. We got into house no one was in so we went upstairs i went into my parents room to go get my dads porn tape stash, went back into my room and put on some porn, me and my mate where just sat watching it. At first he wouldn't he was scared and said he would if i did but i was scared cause my cock is only 5 n half inch but quite fat , i built up the courage to show him through my trouser not getting it out and he didn't believe that its was my cock fully hard, i asked him it i could just feel it thought his trousers and he said yeah as i went to go touch it he pulled his trousers open a little and said go on then my heart was pumping, i grab hold of his cock it was about 7 inch but quite thin i had a quick wank of this cock before he pulled his pants down fully. I continued wanking him off, i was i he was changing the tape to see if there was a better one he put one in as i was wanking him i just said to him can i suck it he replied with i dare you, i was so scared i didnt know if i could actually do it so i just continued wanking him off for a little bit then i said to me man have you seen this on the tv i looked at the screen and i couldn't believe it. I was taking his cock in my mouth as much as i could i toke my eyes off the screen for 1 second, all of a sudden my mate grab my head and started facing fucking my i was gagging on his cock i could feel his dick tense up and he just blow his massive load down my throat after i sucked him dry i looked back at the screen to see the other person that was fucking my mum was my oldest brother that was what made my friend my mental and start fucking my face i was so hard i couldn't believe i stood up and grab my mate bent him over my bed and stuck my cock up his ass we were facing the tv. I was so horny over watching my dad and brother fucking my mum it only toke about 3 minuets for me to explode up his ass.
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My first time sucking my best friends cock and fucking him

My friend Mike has always been a good buddy. We were hippies in high school, and now we are suits in office jobs. He came by one Saturday night to my apartment and insisted we call up an escort service and get blow jobs. He was drunk, but he knew what he was doing. His wife was a bitch and he knew I would go for it.
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Me and my friend went out for a bike ride after a few hours we decide to go back to my house and play on xbox, we where at mine for about 20 mins before my mate turned round to me and said man your mum is well fit id love to fuck her i just laughed and said ok whatever u wish and he replied with yeah I do wish. A few weeks before this happened i was looking through my parents bedroom for my dads porn stash which i had seen before, i found them and next to his stash were 3 vcr tapes so i thought i hadn't seen them before check to see what on them, the 1st one was i tape from our family holiday a few years ago, the next one was a collection of loads of 70s porn i jacked off to it for a little bit before putting on the 3rd one and there was nothing i rewind right to the beginning and played it and i couldn't believe what i saw my mum naked on her bed playing with her pussy my cock started to twitch it turned me on. After about an hour of listening to my mate say things like he would love to fuck my mu i turned round and told him i had found her porn tape he was like bullshit, i finally convinced him that i had he was begging me to see it i said to him i show you it if u show my your cock he was against it for a while till i said ill show you mine first i think he was a little scared because his cock wasn't massive it was long and thin but mine was short and quite fat after he showed me it i asked if i could touch it and he said yeah go ahead i heart was pumping i toke hold of his cock and wanked him for a little while before i asked if i could suck it he said if he could see my mum porn tape but just as we were talking my parents came home so we had to stop. For the next few weeks my friend went on and on bout that he wanted to see my mum getting fucked on that tape the next time my parents were out me and my friend went to mine went into my room we were playing on xbox for a while i started playing with my friends cock through his trousers before he said take it out and play so i did so his cock looked beautiful as i tossed him off.

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